Ow, the cobwebs! This place is in serious disarray. When I started it I was thinking I would talk about graphics code and share some war stories from work, but it turns out that when I get home I tend to work on my RC helicopter piloting skills (or lack thereof), try to finish a video game, attempt to learn electronics or do some random video editing. I haven’t coded anything at home in over a year!

Anyway. Perhaps some day I’ll find something interesting to share, but that’s all I’m giving for now. Cheers!

Poisson Disk Generator

Wow, haven’t posted here in a while. Glad to see my web hosting fees are going to good use! 🙂

Anyway. These days, I’m working on improving the shadow algorithm we use for our game. One of the common ways to improve the perceived quality of PCF shadows is to use a rotating Poisson Disk filter, but generating those coefficients was always a challenge. Not anymore…

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Windows Home Server + SSH + Subversion = Joy

Here’s how to set up a secure Subversion server under Windows Home Server. These steps assume you are familiar with Cygwin, the command line, and are not afraid to do some unapproved tinkering with your server.

Things you will need:

  • Cygwin installed on your Windows development machine. Make sure you have the OpenSSH and Subversion packages installed in Cygwin already, we’ll need those while testing the installation on the WHS.
  • An SSH key pair for your development account. If you don’t have one already, create one in Cygwin before starting by launching the ssh-user-config script (you need an SSH2 RSA key pair). If you already have an SSH key pair outside of Cygwin, make sure you update the ~/.ssh/id_rsa, ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub and ~/.ssh/authorized_keys in Cygwin with your key pair.
  • For your Windows-based development, you will need PuTTY. It includes a Windows-based SSH client so you won’t need to go through Cygwin to use Subversion+SSH.
  • Plenty of spare time; this will take a while.

I take no responsibility if this breaks your server, you do this at your own risk, blah blah (you know the drill – if you screw up, it’s your fault not mine).

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Zelda: Twilight Princess

After about 70 hours I finished Z:TP on the Wii, and it was quite a treat. I probably could have finished it sooner but I kinda didn’t want it to end… But now it’s over, and I’ve completed most side quests (golden bugs, hidden skills, some extra dungeons). As usual for a Nintento platform, If there ever was one must-own game, Zelda is definitely it. Once again Myamoto-san proves he is the king of game design.

It’s totally amazing that developers can manage to pull something like this off. With such a massive title the potential for bugs is huge, and never once has the game exhibited any kind of problem. It just oozes pure gaming goodness.

Given the incredible quality of the release, I thought the game must have been finished early on and they had spent (say) a year polishing it, but Iwata Asks implies that this wasn’t the case and everything moved a lot, right up until the end. In my experience, it feels like there’s an entry in the project planning that says “…and then a miracle happens” just before the ship date, so it’s comforting to know that they deal with the same problems normal game developers do.

Kudos Nintendo, kudos.

(Yet another) blog…

Ok, so here I am, finally paying for webspace and setting up a real blog… I should have done this years ago, but I kept putting it off. Now I kinda feel like I missed the boat, but hey, what can you do.

I’ve never had a blog before, never really felt the need. But this gives me some web presence (aka street cred), a place for writing about whatever I feel like, and (more importantly) a central spot for releasing my stuff if I feel like it.

For some reason I had the urge to set this up today, so here it is.

Enjoy your stay!